“ Leges vigilantibus, non doremientibus subveniunt “

We provide our clients with comprehensive accounting and payroll services. We provide accounting services in both single and double entry accounting. Part of the management of our company’s accounting agenda is regular consultations, which provide the client with a different view of his business and help him make both strategic and operational decisions, while increasing the quality of accounting services provided.

There is also an obligation to file tax returns associated with bookkeeping, and therefore we also provide our clients with the filing of all tax returns that they are obliged to file in the course of their business.

In the field of human resources, we provide comprehensive services consisting of registration, deregistration of employees to all institutions and insurance companies, including management and processing of their salaries.

It goes without saying that we communicate on behalf of our clients with all institutions (tax office, social insurance company, health insurance companies) with which we come into contact when providing services. We are aware that each client is specific, and therefore we calculate the price for the provision of our services for each client individually. Our company has taken out liability insurance for damage caused in connection with the performance of accounting activities.